Breaking Down the Core: Part Three

How do I train my core?     

How should you train your core? What movements should you avoid when training? How often should you train it?


When it comes to training your core, you should think of yourself training your core all throughout your day. You don’t need to go to the gym in order to work on and activate your core. Think about it … what is one of the main reasons we even go to the gym? Look past the looking good in a swimsuit, & see that we train our bodies in order to get through life/work. Where do you use that squat you love so much the most? In your regular day life, whether its bending over to pick up a child, laundry or something you dropped on the floor. We train to move well & w/o pain.


The two movements you have avoid are flexion & twisting, your discs two most hated movements esp. when combined! However, where do we always see twisting & flexion based exercises? Your ab workout. So let’s do something crazy - let’s remove those movements ENTIRELY from your core workouts. Let’s replace them with safe ways to train those abs in the front & sides.

When it comes to training your core as a whole, I always begin with planks. If you are new to core training or post-partum, begin in table top w/ wrists directly under shoulders & knees directly under hips. Place a pillow under your shins, place your body parallel to the floor w/ neutral neck, eyes looking down. Press both of your shins into the pillow for about 5-10 secs. When you press into the pillow notice how your low abs kick in, connecting your lower core to your upper core. This is what your core should feel like throughout your movements - engaged.


When you’re ready to level-up, try working on front & side planks on your knees, then eventually on your feet. When you’re planking you must have impeccable form, otherwise you could just be contributing to your issues.

Front Forearm Plank Finished Position.JPG
Side Plank Knee Starting Position.JPG
Side Plank - Knees.JPG
Forearm Front Plank .JPG

Another way to train your side core deeply is with a Pallof Press. You can use a resistance band or cable weight during these movements. Feet shoulder width apart, athletic stance w/ core engagement & shoulder blades locked down. Resist the urge to twist towards the weight & feel the burn along the entire side of your body. Move slowly and with control!

If you found this information useful, check out Dr. Lundahl's website for more rehab focused strategies to avoid injury:



This video demonstrates how to perform the Pallof Press using a weighted cable machine.

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