Dr Green is excellent. I have multiple health issues including fibromyalgia and joint instability. Dr Green is an integral part of my pain management strategy. I highly recommend him. 

A. B. 

Annandale, VA

A. M.

Burke, VA

The man with the magic touch. I went in to see Dr. Green with my usual lower back pain - you know the one that radiates from your lower back, into your buttocks and sometimes down your hip when it gets real bad. I expected to have to go to him for a series of visits. I'd been teaching a bit and standing a great deal. Well he does his pushing and pulling and moving things in different positions. One visit. He says to me - call me if you have any other problems. I'm thinking this thing still hurts and we're not making a follow-up appointment? I didn't say anything walked out and went on with life. That evening I started to miss the pain. The next day no pain. I thought - dang how did you do that? All I can say is that he is indeed the man with the magic touch!

Claire B.

Chevy Chase, MD.

I had always been a very healthy, active person until I started getting muscle spasms and intense pain in my lower back. I tried everything, including massages, MRIs, 2 rounds of physical therapy, acupuncture, sonograms, and even seeing an allergist, before I finally found relief with NOVA Headache.

After suffering year of constant pain, Dr. Green was able to look at my MRI results and, within 5 minutes, develop a theory about a bulging disc that was not immediately obvious in the image. Treatment began right away (decompression and inflammation reduction therapies), and instructed me on exactly what types of movements to avoid while my spine was healing, and which would be helpful. Not only did my pain IMMEDIATELY start to get better, but I was actually able to finally exercise without pain for the first time in over a year. Within a few weeks, my pain was virtually undetectable.

Even once my problem was considered "fixed," Dr. Green consistently took the time to check in with me, keeping in close contact about how I was doing, if I had any pain, etc. When I developed a few other random, unrelated aches and pains, he was right there to offer advice and help. His diagnoses and suggestions were always dead-on, and every time I sought his help my pain went away quickly and easily.

I have never had a doctor that I trusted so completely, or one that made me such a priority. I truly believe that Dr. Green has and will continue to put his patients before himself, and that is one of the many reasons that he stands out as such an excellent doctor. I have already recommended him to anyone and everyone I come across with any type of back pain, and will continue to do so. I simply cannot recommend him highly enough.

Hamir R.

Woodbridge, VA

I have been experiencing chronic lower back pain for years now and my co-worker recently suggested I visit her Chiropractor. After having my doubts based on past experiences with other chiropractors I was very reluctant to go, but she coerced me into promising her that I would make an appointment with Drs. Hayes and Green :-) I took my chances and called making an appointment for the next day! I took in my x-rays from my previous doctor and Dr. Green thoroughly explained the problem and the reasons for the pain which was due to one degenerated disc. I was impressed with his ability to breakdown concepts and clearly explain what was going on with me. After my exam, Dr. Green gave me a clear guideline and path to finally healing this nagging pain. I was then given treatment by Dr. Hayes using decompression, adjustment/manipulation, electrical muscle stimulation, and cold laser therapy. I felt so relaxed and felt immediate relief afterwards.Dr. Green recommended some natural supplements which were available for purchase at his office and that I get myself an inversion table using gravity to stretch out the spine, allowing for space between the discs. After only two visits and taking the supplements for less than a week, I am starting to feel the difference. I really appreciated the doctor's honesty and listening to my concerns. They don't bull**** you and they have genuine concern for their patients. I have trust and hope that this practice is the answer to helping me heal. I highly recommend anyone to make that call if you're dealing with chronic pain in your back, neck or headaches. Thanks Doc's!

Leslee B.

I have multiple health issues that require consistent medical treatment, often by non-traditional health practitioners. I personally choose only the best people to be on my “health team” and consider these people to be my life savers.

n. B.


One year ago, my now-17-year-old daughter was so depleted that she could not get out of bed. While her friends were studying chemistry, taking Zumba classes and going on field trips to Florida, she was living in her bedroom and bathroom.

My daughter was living with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) with the usual symptoms of unpredictable bouts of nausea, diarrhea and constipation, acid reflux and bloating, as well as some significant emotional distress due to her condition. She had a history of bowel disease, which had previously been controlled through prescribed medication, but after a recent move, things began to unravel for her, and for us.

We had had success with gastroenterologists in the past, but this time success eluded us. By the end of her tenure with local gastroenterologists, she was on a dozen different medications—Nexium for acid reflux, Levsin for pain, laxatives and Miralax for IBS constipation predominant, Reglan for intestinal movement, Asacol to prevent flare-ups, Zoloft for depression, and so on and so forth. For several years after the appearance of ulcerative inflammation in her intestines, she was on an immune suppressant used for kidney transplants.


Lisa (I’ve changed her name to protect her identity) had lost all color in her skin and had begun to rely on two or three foods to keep her going. By spring of 2011, she was unable to function in most environments, was emotionally flat and we were in despair; I knew I had to try a holistic or homeopathic approach but did not know where to turn.

It was pure chance and luck or the grace of God that we came in contact with Dr. Green, a chiropractor who had experience with IBS. I did not understand the connection between chiropractic care and my daughter’s condition. Right away over the phone, it was clear he understood what was happening to her body (while the gastroenterologist did not) and how she came to be so chronically ill and what steps he could take to rescue her and rehabilitate her body—and spirit.

After requesting the results of all relevant medical testing, Dr. Green and his colleague Dr. Maureen Hayes started seeing my daughter two or three times a week. Dr. Green developed a three-phase plan to bring her back, starting with a “rescue” plan of supplements and diet. WE ALSO PUT LISA ON A DRUG HOLIDAY, removing most of her medications slowly but surely. Each med had its own side effects that were aggravating, if not causing, her symptoms, according to Dr. Green. Dr. Hayes adjusted her spine (which not surprisingly needed work) and made way for the blood to flow and insure proper nerve transmission to rejuvenate and rebuild my daughter’s failing organs.

For me, the most significant part of the regime was the approach. Dr. Green understands adolescents and began to act as a kind of “life coach” or Sherpa on the mountain back to health. In record time, within six to eight weeks, Lisa was well on her way to the summit. Color had returned to her face. She was “regular,” which she hadn’t been in years. She thought about nutrition and what would agree with her or make her miserable. She talked through her complaints but also listened to Dr. Green and Dr. Hayes, and became involved with her own health. She started exercising again.

The intensive treatment lasted through the spring and summer. By August, we had tapered down and Lisa was on her own to take care of herself—off most medications, taking Probiotics and nutrients regularly, and slowly venturing out and starting to live again.

Lisa is back in school full time after a year and a half of homebound instruction. She went to Dublin in August and I hope will start dance classes in November. Our family is indebted to these Doctors. They have a rare understanding about what it means to treat the whole person.

Mary H.

I have been a patient of Doctors Green and Hayes for over a year and a half now. They have assisted me in making considerable progress with my migraines and cervical pain. They are involved in the "total body process". They are the best "listeners" and very professional. They are always available when ever you need to speak to them by phone or on-line. I would highly recommend them.