About Dr. Hayes

My Story

What most people do not know is how I came to the decision of becoming a Chiropractor, and why I now specialize in the care and treatment of patients with headaches and chronic pain. Growing up in the suburbs of Detroit, Michigan I was always active. Whether I was on the ski slopes with friends, teaching Catechism to youngsters at my church, working as a teller at a local bank, or working as a volunteer probation officer, I was always on the move. I went to college with the idea that I would someday be in law enforcement, and for a time my career path seemed to be all but certain. That is when some health issues came home to roost. 

In my youth, I was involved in not one or two, but five auto accidents. Most of these accidents were of a mild nature and the beauty of youthful tissue is that it is so elastic and amenable to change that symptoms of the injuries were either ignored or totally missed. Mechanical changes that took place were insidious, and it wasn’t before too long that I mysteriously began to suffer from headaches. At first I bore the pain, but the frequency and intensity started to escalate. It wasn’t very long before these headaches were significantly cutting into my ability to function. I would be knocked out of action for days at a time, often lying in my bed with the lights off. The pain was agonizing and would often make me nauseous to the point of vomiting. Of course, the act of vomiting aggravated the pain even more and so the cycle continued. Going to the medical doctor at that time proved fruitless, as their arsenal of weapons and understanding of migraine headaches was quite limited. At last my Mother suggested that I go to see her Chiropractor.

I was fortunate enough to be put into contact with Dr. Claire O’Dell. Dr. O’Dell was a seasoned and passionate practitioner. After a thorough examination, he took X-rays to determine proper positioning of the vertebra in the neck. Not surprisingly, after five accidents, the bones were simply not where they were supposed to be! The improper juxtaposition of the bones was literally causing irritation to sensitive nervous tissue that in turn would continuously fire, sending a blazing pain into my head that would settle behind my eyes. I began treatment with the Chiropractor. The first few treatments were very dynamic, and I could feel that something was being done. By the 4th week of treatment, the headaches began to recede, and by the time the intensive portion of the treatment plan was completed, the headaches had vanished altogether. Such was the relief from this treatment, and so life changing was the experience, that I decided that Chiropractic was the way to go! Any service that could help my fellow man ease the intense suffering from those infernal headaches was something worthwhile pursuing. Thus began my sojourn to Chiropractic College.

I have dedicated myself to serving those who suffer from chronic pain and headaches ever since. I bring a unique perspective to the table as a past sufferer of migraines, and as a person who has seen- up close and personal- what chronic pain can do to an individual, their relationships, and their careers. I feel this population of patients is poorly understood, and often improperly treated. At NOVA Headache and Chiropractic Center those patients will be treated with the dignity, respect, and the patience required to ease their symptoms, and root out the cause of their discomfort. With the latest non-invasive technology and techniques, we are equipped to assist you reach your goals. Here you can be assured that your physician truly understands your pain and your desire to live a healthy and fulfilling life. Welcome to NOVA Headache and Chiropractic Center.